Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Seo of Promises

We’ll get you noticed on Search, First page of Google, You’ll be on your way to millions of visitors… dumptrucks will pull up to your business and unload money at your door… This is what so many companies by email and telemarketing try to sell to unsuspecting newly launched websites… unfortunately, it’s usually bullshit. Google themselves receive emails promising Google top rankings in Google! Look, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) IS necessary if you’re to be seen in the search engines, but unless you have a business that is not fiercely competitive, or unless you want to target a much smaller local market, first page search rankings are going to be somewhat difficult to achieve. The best offense is to concentrate your SEO efforts in making your Website content vast and more relative to what you offer and the area that you offer it in. Expand your directory submissions, sign up for every free listing and cultivate some kick-ass backlinks. Use Facebook and Linkedin…SEO is basically free, but takes a serious amount of time, research, and talent. Above all, be honest with yourself… if you’re not going to devote your time to improving your SEO, hire someone… it’s not cheap, but when you weigh out the improvement to your visibility, it’s actually very cheap.

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